Featured Projects

  • Bragado Steels

    In Puerto Madryn City, DIN S.A. has developed several heavy industrial buildings intended to the expansion of Aluar’s production plant, which has generated a major investment project. As a result, DIN S.A. was invited to participate in the construction of the Cooking Building, Storage Tray, Rodding, Shuttles Air Gallery, Handling Anode, among others, with a total weight of three thousand and five hundred tons.

  • Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

    The development achieved in the manufacturing of the huge tubular structures, has allowed the designers to expand their field. The construction of the Departures Hall is an example of this.

  • Bragado Steels

    DIN S.A. has developed one of the most significant projects ever made in the country; the new steel plant AcerBrag located in Bragado City, Buenos Aires. The structure with a total weight of one thousand and two hundred tons is a building that includes platforms and other facilities of steelmaking processes.


  • metrobus

    We are currently working on the engineering and fabrication of steel structures for some hostels Work "Metrobus July 9" who is in charge of the construction company Riva S.A. under the contract the Government of the City of Buenos Aires As a whole, it amounts to more than seven hundred tons of structure.

  • Capacitación de proveedores mineros

    BEASA, in view of the execution of works for the Pascua Lama project to be carried out by sanjuaninos suppliers, DINSA hired to conduct training and comprehensive training of these workshops.

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