Featured Projects

  • Genelba Thermoelectric Power Plant

    We were hired by Techint to manufacture, transport and assemble two industrial plants for power generation: one for gas and the other for steam.

  • Terminal B - Ezeiza International Airport

    The new Passenger Terminal B, known as the “Zeppelin”, is a clearly atypical metallic structure since it is made up of pieces which have been welded together. Each of the pieces that comprise it has a unique spatial position in all three dimensions. This iconic work for our country involved a great number of suppliers with whom we had to work in an articulated way in order to achieve an excellent final result.

  • It is the largest metal structure in South America with a light of 100 meters.

    More than 2,000 tons of steel were needed to lift this impressive hangar of 100 x 100 m of sides and 27 m of height. With a roof of one hectare of surface that needed to be lifted by a complex engineering action.


  • RSE: Fundamental criteria

    Environmental: optimizing resources, promoting energy saving and classifying waste.
    Community: we donate structures for different parts of the country. We provide special classes at high schools and universities.
    Market: we maintain quality standards in products, processes and systems.
    Labor: we promote the first job for graduates of technical schools in the area of influence. We continuously train all the staff.

  • PINTEC - Anti-Corrosion Division

    Coatings are the way to protect steel structures against corrosion. We develop customized anti-corrosion protection systems for each project.
    Pintec®, an associate in-house company, studies the conditions of the project and, along with our Quality Department, provides the best factory recommendation about the most suitable coating, with the objective of minimizing costs, drying time and touch-up work.

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