DIN S.A. offers a vast experience in the field of construction projects where steel is the main concern.



In our 10.000 m2 plant, 1.000 tons of structures are elaborated monthly, integrating numerical control equipment and automatically welded by submerged arc.
Quality control: The Quality Control Department establishes the internal parameters to fulfil at all times the company’s standards. Thus we have begun the journey towards achieving ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards Certification. Multiple equipment allow us to develop pieces which can be as varied as needed and are used in the construction of steel-works, airports, distribution centres, and mining.
Furthermore, we make the most of the highly skilled, professional and experienced team with the motivation and enthusiasm to deliver outstanding levels of service to all our customers.

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DIN S.A. runs the assembly line of all the pieces and counts with a highly trained team and the necessary equipment for each task.
The engineers in charge of construction supervision provide outstanding levels of service able to meet the customers’ requirements in this critical process, as well as ensuring high quality standards in the delivery of the project.
Due to the diversity of the projects, we have had to overcome certain obstacles regarding weather conditions, deadlines or the construction itself. Thanks to the joint effort of all members of the company, we have been able to comply with all our customers’ requirements in due course.